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About Ashby Village
What is Ashby Village?
Ashby Village is part of a growing movement of Villages in various stages of development throughout the United States. The first, Beacon Hill Village was established in 2001. Research has shown that the great majority of Americans want to remain in their own homes as they age, but there are currently few resources to make that possible for most people. The Village concept is that a community of people can pool resources by paying membership dues and volunteering their skills and time to support the Village infrastructure and to assist one another.
Ashby Village launched in 2010 after many discussions and community meetings that began in 2007. We are residents of Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito and Rockridge (Oakland).
Ashby Village offers one-stop shopping for members.  We have an extensive database of volunteers and preferred providers to serve members when they contact us with a request for assistance. Typically, we'll have a trained Ashby Village volunteer respond but if a volunteer is not available or appropriate, we will recommend Ashby Village providers (some offer discounts) who have been screened and referred by Ashby Village members. We make every effort to help members find a solution.
Ashby Village • 2330 Durant Ave • Berkeley, CA 94704 • (510) 204-9200