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On July 8, 2017, "Reframing Aging," a photography/interview project featuring members of Ashby Village, was the inaugural exhibit at the Village Gallery, a space devoted to displaying the works of the talented people -- many of them professional artists -- in the Ashby Village community.
The Village Gallery is located in the complex housing the offices of the village.  
A curatorial committee composed mostly of village artists, organized by Peter Sussman and Russ Ellis, is forming to choose artists for the periodic shows, which will be open to the public as well as to members and volunteers.

Visit The Village Gallery website:


We all know that Ashby Village members are a remarkable group of people. For our photo exhibition, Reframing Aging, our photographer/writer team of Nancy Rubin and Cynthia Bix wanted to show the world at large just how remarkable they are, and how members are shattering old images and stereotypes about what it means to be "old."


We photographed and interviewed twelve men and women, ranging in age from 70 to 96. For anyone who didn't see the exhibition, we wanted to share what we learned about them. So for the next twelve months, each issue of the newsletter will feature one of our delightful dozen.


Meeting and talking with these folks has been surprising, revealing, funny, thought provoking, and absolutely delightful. Each of them is a vibrant, highly individual spirit. Each is active in his or her particular way, be it creative, organizational, spiritual, physical, or social.


"I'm a party girl!" exclaims Margie, the 96-year-old. At 76, Peter sometimes needs a wheelchair, but that doesn't stop him from shooting photos, flexing his well-honed journalistic muscles, and traveling to Paris. Ninety-three-year old Jeanne regularly drives herself to UC Berkeley to teach a class in music cognition. And so on. . .


Not only do these people force us to reframe standard images of what it means to be old, but they're also models of how to live well at any age. As painter Lisa says, "I think we have to do things with gusto!"


Nancy Rubin's photography exhibition, Faces of Fatherhood, is currently on display at Kaiser Richmond and has been in libraries in Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Her work has also been shown in several local galleries. She is a contributing photographer for Berkeleyside and CAA (California Alumni Association). She created Humans of Berkeley and the Bay Area, which appears on social media. 


Cynthia Overbeck Bix has written numerous books and articles for adults and children, on subjects including social history, natural sciences, and the arts, for such diverse publishers as Sunset Books (Oxmoor House), Sierra Club Books, National Geographic Explorer Magazine, Harry N. Abrams, and Twenty-First Century Books. Her personal essays have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and in magazines.

Watch full video (full size)
Exhibit co-author and AV  volunteer Nancy Rubin at the DOE Library, January 2018

Russ Ellis