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Home90+ Tea Party May 27, 2017
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The 90+ Tea Party

story by Charli Depner, photos by Nancy Rubin 

Watch the video (full size on our Youtube channel)


Ashby Village’s third 90+ Tea Party was an elegant affair, held on May 27 to honor of the village’s 31 members in their 90s.  The Julia Morgan Hall at Ashby Village’s new headquarters was abuzz with conversation as members were welcomed with hugs and seated at an L-shaped table that was set with china and adorned with flowers.  Musical entertainment was provided by Barbara Young, AKA Lady B. Young, who at 78 is realizing her lifelong dream to study jazz and blues at the California Jazz Conservatory.  One guest captured the sentiment of other, “I am very glad to be here.  I look forward to this nice affair.”


Many of the guests had deep roots in the Bay Area, others had moved here more recently.  Over refreshments of tea, coffee, fruit, cheese, and pastries, members shared their perspectives on living well in their 90s.  Remarks ranged from the practical (“keep moving,” “be healthy,” “participate!”) to the humorous (“Martini’s!”).  For others, a life well lived was about taking pleasure in the company of family and friends, feeding a curious and open mind, focusing on the positive, playing bridge, and enjoying music. Being part of the Ashby Village community was also strongly advised for social events, new ideas, and a feeling of community. As one guest put it, “Ashby Village keeps me busy.  I have met wonderful people here.”   

Members and volunteer
At the Tea Party