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VILLAGE VOICES monthly newsletter



Click on a date to read the corresponding newsletter: 

JUNE 2020
10 Years Old and Thriving!, Growing Stronger: North Oakland Village Merger with Ashby Village; 10 for 10: Raising our Glasses to Celebrate 10 Years - LIVE!, Creative Aging: Your Turn; More Upcoming Events; Volunteers; Healthier Aging; Announcements: Getting To Know You - A New Series to Connect Together, Calling All Non-Member Volunteers for a 1-Hour Virtual Focus Group!, New Ashby Village Support for Long-Term Caregivers, Our 2020 Member Survey is Complete!; Tech Tips;  Reflections on Past Events; A Poem; Bulletin Board

MAY 2020
Ashby Village is Here and Helping; 10 for 10: Film Premiere Goes Virtual, Creative Aging Launch; More Upcoming Events; Volunteers; Healthier Aging; Announcements: How to Prepare for Medical Care You Might Need: A New Ashby Village Resource, The Second Part of Our Member Survey Launched 4/17; Tech Tips; What We Are Reading; Bulletin Board

APRIL 2020
*Ashby Village Remains Here for You As We Navigate These Times Together*
A Letter from Our Executive Director, Program and Member Support Updates; Volunteer Services Are As Strong As Ever!; Healthier Aging; Staying Connected: Pre-Social Hour: Touching (From Afar) Base with Ashby Village Staff - 4/3 @ 3 PM Via Zoom, Zoom Practice with Staff - 4/2 @ 3 PM

MARCH 2020
Come Help Shape the Future of Ashby Village; 10 for 10: 100th Birthday Celebration & 90's High Tea, Creative Aging Initiative Begins Next Month, *Save the Date* 10th Anniversary Gala (5/15); More Upcoming Events; Volunteers; Healthier Aging; Announcements: UC Berkeley Retirement Center's "Engage with Age" Event Open to Ashby Village Members (4/21), Member Survey Launched 2/17; Tech Tips: Streaming Media Workshop 4/23; Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections on Past Events; What We Are Reading; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory


Forum Follow-Up: An Update; 10 for 10: Creative Aging - Coming 4/17 1-4PM; More Upcoming Events; Volunteers; Announcements: Join Us - Seeking Board and Arts & Culture Committee Members, Annual Member Survey is Launching February 17th, Speaking Up About Long Term Care; Tech Tips: Internet Spam & Phishing Workshop 2/20; Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections on Past Events; A Poem; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory

Ringing in the New Year with Exciting News: Richmond Expansion Formally Approved!; Annual Campaign hits $150,000 - Thank you! ; 10 for 10: Creative Aging - Soul Clapping; More Upcoming Events; Volunteers; Healthier Aging; Announcements: A Well Deserved Promotion, Berkeleyside is also 10 Years Young, Annual Member Survey Coming in February, Creating Connection, Beware of Holiday Scams; Tech Tips: Internet Spam & Phishing Workshop 2/20; Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections on Past Events; What We Are Reading; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory

In the Spirit of Giving: Annual Campaign in Full Swing!, Fun(d)raising; Celebrating 10 Years!: *Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Mugs Now Available*; More Upcoming Events; Volunteers; Healthier Aging; Announcements: Connections Team; Tech Tips: iPhone photography cafe style; Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections on Past Events; A Poem

10th Anniversary Community Forum Charts Our Path to Improved Communication and Transparency; Celebrating 10 Years!: Thanksgiving Potluck 11/28; More Upcoming Events; Volunteers; Healthier Aging; Announcements: City of Berkeley receives 2019 Innovation Award, NEW Support Group - 90 Plus Club, Driver Solicitation Reminders; Tech Tips: Upgrade Woes? Maybe You Need to Buy A New Computer; Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections on Past Events; Interest Group of the Month; What We Are Reading; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory

Growth, Change and Communications - Ashby Village: The Next 10 Years; Celebrating 10 Years!: Ashby Village Forum 10/5, Narsai David 10/26, Thanksgiving Potluck; More Upcoming Events; Volunteers - Upcoming Heart N' Hands Events; Healthier Aging - New Tai Chi Class at AV; Tech Tips - Digital Photography on iPhone (10/24) & Summoning Help in an Emergency (10/29); Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections on Past Events; Interest Group of the Month; Introducing...A Poem; In Loving Memory

New Staff - Ready for the Next Decade; Ashby Village Forum 10/5; Upcoming Events - Picnic in the Park (9/21); Volunteers - Upcoming Heart N' Hands Events; Healthier Aging - Fall Classes, Member Solicitation of Drivers Announcement; Tech Tips - Digital Photography on iPhone (10/24) & Summoning Help in an Emergency (10/29); Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Interest Group of the Month; What We Are Reading; Bulletin Board

Who We Are - Revisited; Upcoming Events; Volunteers - Upcoming Heart N' Hands Events; Call for Long-Term Care Stories; Tech Tips - Digital Photography on iPhone (10/24); Reflection on Past Events - A Conversation with Betty Reid Soskin

JULY 2019
Announcement of Ashby Village's Tenth Anniversary; Thank You for Making 2019 Fundraising Goal; Upcoming Events; Volunteer Appreciation Event Photos and Article; Hearts 'N Hands Upcoming Events and Thank You; Healthier Aging Article on Avoiding Falls; Announcement about Hiking Program and Outings in July; New and Recommended Reading; Thank You for Mother's Day Campaign; Neighborhood Groups and Ongoing Activities; Reflections on Past Events (Judith Coburn on SCAMS, HACKS and SPAM: How to avoid rip offs on the Internet and your smart phone; June Pre-Happy Hour Event: Twenty years of bringing women's history documents from archives to online; What We Are Reading; An Appreciation (Healthier Aging Classes); In Loving Memory of Martin Friedman

JUNE 2019
Introduction to Program Leadership Team; Upcoming Events; Volunteer Appreciation Event - June 15 from 2-4 pm; Hearts 'N Hands Thank You; New Program Manager Announcement; Reflections on Past Events (Video Link to Dr. Harry Edwards' Sports is a Crucible for Social Justice talk; Cannabis and Pain Management by Dr. Laurie Vollen; Pre-Happy Hour Talk by Peggy Raskin; April Nature Walks)

MAY 2019
Letter from Board President; Volunteer Appreciation Event - June 15 from 2-4 pm; Hearts 'N Hands Thank You; Elder Action Announcement; Tech Tips - Google Photo Albums; Reflections on Past Events (Medication Management by Dr. Michelle Dhanak and Sports is a Crucible for Social Justice by Dr. Harry Edwards); In Loving Memory of Martin Friedman. 

APRIL 2019
Executive Director Andy Gaines announces openings at Ashby Village for a program manager and an executive assistant; Upcoming Events: "Embracing Change: Medication Management" 4/3; "Sports as an Instrument of Social Change" 4/7; "Cannabis and Pain Management" 4/17; Volunteer training and Orientation 4/27; Hearts N' Hands Events; Gardening Projects 4/3 & 4/17; Window washing 5/1; Healthier Aging: Birdwatching 4/6; Nature walks 4/13, 4/18 & 4/27; "Exercise Your Memory" 6/14; Announcements; No pre-Happy Hour Program in April; Berkeley's Age-Friendly Action Plan; "Improving Communications between Grandparents & Children: Survey."

MARCH 2019
Executive Director Andy Gaines on Ashby Village's Legacy Giving program; Upcoming Events: 3 Inuit Tales: 3/1; Embracing Change: Medication Management" 4/3; Volunteers: Hearts N' Hands events; Window Washing caravan 3/20; Weeds, weeds, go away 4/3; Announcements: Survivors/Successors Checklist and Organizer; Berkeley Home Match; Neighborhood Groups and Ongoing Activities: Conversations with the Music Interest Group; We CAN Reverse Global Warming 3/13

Executive Director Andy Gaines on Ashby Village's "strategic evolution;" Upcoming Events: World Nomad Games presentation 2/1; "This Chair Rocks" Conversation with Ashton Applewhite; 3/15; Volunteers: New Volunteers Connection Team leader, Ellen Newman; MedPal training 2/14; Tech Tops: "Interested in apps for your iPad?" Tech Support: Personal and Workshops; Groups and Ongoing Activities: February Nature Walks; Conscious Aging: A Monthly Support Group

Upcoming Events: Perennials Improv Group: 1/4; "Lifelines & Deadlines and End-of-life Issues: 1/27; Announcements; "Your Kids Don't Want Your Stuff; Sexual Harassment Policy at Ashby Village; Winter Hikes and Strolls; Healthier Aging Recommended Reading; Tech Tips: Lost Your iPhone?; Neighborhood Groups: Building & Balancing Life. in Retirement; What We're Reading; "Finding Meaning & Happiness in Old Age"

Special Announcements;  Upcoming Events:  Ashby Village Holiday Party: 12/8;  Adult Story Time: 12/11;  Volunteers Painting the Loo! 12/12;  Announcements;  Tech Tips;  Interest & Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities;  Reflections on Past Events;  Bulletin Board

Upcoming Events: Spinning Facts into Fiction: 11/2;  Ashby Village Open House: 11/10;  November Living Room Chat: 11/18;  Ashby Village Holiday Party: 12/8;  Volunteers:   Volunteer Orientation and Training: 11/3;  Medpal Volunteer Training: 11/10;  Hearts N' Hands Thank You;  Walk to End Alzheimer's;  Announcements;  Tech Tips;  Interest & Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities;  What we are reading;  Reflections on Past Events;  Bulletin Board:  Ride to the Polls This Election Day

Upcoming Events: Assembly Candidate Forum: 10/2; Democratic Republic of the Congo: 10/5; Disability Rights Advice: 10/18; October Living Room Chat: 10/21; Making Friends With Your House: 10/26; Single Payer and Universal Healthcare: 10/28; Volunteers: Hearts N' Hands Garden Events: 10/5, 10/11; Walk to End Alzheimer's: 10/20; Hearts N' Hands Window Washing Thank You; Announcements; Healthier Aging; Tech Tips; Interest & Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections from Past Events; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory

Upcoming Events: Avoiding Financial Scams: 9/7;   Documentary "End Game": 9/14; Living Room Chat: 9/23; Solo Aging: 9/27; Coming up in October; Volunteers;  Announcements; About the Executive Director; Tech Tips; Interest & Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; What we are reading; Reflections from Past Events; Bulletin Board

 Donor Update; Upcoming Events, 8/3: Susan Anderson Talk, 8/10: 90+ Tea Party, 8/12: August Living Room Chat;   September Events; Volunteers, 8/15: Hearts N' Hands Event, Hearts N' Hands Thank You, East Bay Smart Senior Anniversary; Announcements; Ashby Village in the Press; From the Story Team: Peter Sussman; From the Tech Team; Interest & Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections from Past Events  Bulletin Board

JULY 2018
Thank You Donors! A letter from the President of the Board; Upcoming Events, 7/6 - Culture Clash 7/19 - Next Steps 7/22 - Before you eat out,  7/28: Volunteer Orientation;  Meet Volunteer Jineth; Volunteer Appreciation Party; Hearts N' Hands Thank You;  Healthier Aging;  Announcements  From The Story Team: Pat Sakai ; Tech Tips: Summer Break; Interest & Neighborhood Groups; Ongoing Activities; What We Are Reading;  In Loving Memory.

JUNE 2018
Upcoming Events: 6/1 Street Photography of Shanghai; 6/14: Growing Whole, Not Old; 6/21: Voice of the Heart; 6/25: Elder Action (on Social Justice); 7/22: Before you eat out ... (Arts & Culture event). Volunteers: 6/8 Volunteer Appreciation Party!; Berkeley Repair Cafe Event a Success!; Thank you Hearts N' Hands Volunteers. Great News - Awards & Grants.  Ashby Village in the Press. From the Story Team: Troy Duster. Ashby Village Story: The Strange Case... Tech Tips & Drop-in Tech Assistance. Interest & Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities. Reflections from Past Events. Bulletin Board. In Loving Memory.

MAY 2018
Upcoming Events: 5/4: Rumi, the Mystic Persian Poet; 5/10: Downsizing Made Easy; 5/20: May Living Room Chat. Volunteers: 5/3: Hearts N' Hands: Yard help is on the way!; 5/5: Volunteer B'Cause Repair Cafe Event. Healthier Aging. From the Story Team: Lisa Esherick. Tech Tips & Drop-in Tech Assistance. Interest & Neighborhood Groups & Ongoing Activities. Reflection from Past Events. What we are reading. Bulletin Board. 

APR 2018
Volunteers: April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! 4/11: Hearts N' Hands: Spruce it up for Summer! 4/14, 4/24: Volunteer Training.
Upcoming Events: 4/19 Cannabis and Healthier Aging? 4/29 Solitary Confinement - a conversation with Terry Kupers; More Events.
Farewell to Manuela; From the Story Team: Steve Toby; Tech Tips & Drop-in Tech Assistance; Interest Groups & Ongoing Activities; Reflections from Past Events; Bulletin Boards; In Loving Memory.

MAR 2018
Upcoming Events: 3/2 Talk on Climate Change; 3/14 Food Evolution; 3/8 Embracing Change. Volunteers: March Hearts N' Hands Events; A Message from the Service Provider Team.
Announcement: survey on creating an age-friendly Berkeley. People of Ashby Village: Gerry Abrams. From the Story Team: Sue Bender

Feb 2018
Highlight: Our very own "Reframing Aging" goes to UC Berkeley. Upcoming Events: 2/15 Anne Colby on Life with purpose; 2/2: Stuck Completing a Nagging Project; Seasonal Bird Walks; 3/25: Celebrating a 60-year friendship: R. Ellis, T. Duster & T. Henderson, in conversation with A. Hochschild.  Volunteers: Hearts N' Hands Thank You. New Program! Drop-In Technological Assistance. From the Story Team: Russ Ellis. Tech Tips. Neighborhood Stories: Don and Diane. Interest and Neighborhood Groups. Reflections from Past Events: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters. Bulletin Board. 

Jan 2018
Upcoming Events: The Perennials Improv on 1/5; Fall Prevention on 1/16. Volunteers: Focus on Kate Sosin; Hearts N' Hands (Veterans Day) Video; Volunteer B'Cause Event. Highlight: Join our Volunteer Training on 2/3! From the Story Team: Liz Raymer (in memoriam).

Dec 2017
Upcoming Events: Holiday Party on 12/9; Living Room Chat on 12/10; Life Art Workshop on 12/14. Culture of Giving: Annual Campaign and Legacy Circle. Volunteers: Focus on Intern Claire Zhang; Hearts 'N Hands Thank You. People of Ashby Village: Tobey Klein. Healthier Aging. Interest and Neighborhood Groups, Ongoing Activities. From the Story Team: Jeanne Bamberger. Bulleting Board. In Loving Memory.

Nov 2017
Upcoming Events: Arts & Culture - Jeanne Bamberger on 11/19; Accessory Dwelling Units on 11/28. Volunteers: Hearts 'N Hands on 11/11 and 11/11. Donating to Ashby Village; Reflections from the Director. From the Story Team: Chana Bloch; Interest & Neighborhood Groups, Ongoing Activities; Reflections from past Events; Bulletin Board. In Loving Memory.

Oct 2017
Upcoming Events:  Climate talk by Andrew Gunther on 10/6;  North Korea talk by Philip Yun on 10/15;  Volunteer Training on 10/21;  Hearts 'N Hands on 10/12 and 11/1;  People of Ashby Village;  New! Partnerships with restaurants;  Reflections from the Director;  Service of the Month: Volunteer Placement Team;  Interest & Neighborhood Groups;  Reflections from past events;  What we are reading; In Loving Memory 

Sept 2017
Thank you donors! Upcoming Events:  9/10,17 - Ashby Village at Solano Stroll & Rockridge Out & About;  9/12 - Embracing Change Series;  9/16 - Annual Potluck Picnic;  More events;  Volunteers: 9/20 Hearts 'N Hands;  Service of the month: Outreach Ambassadors Team; New Ashby Village Interest Groups: 80+ (Living with uncertainty) and Global Issues Group;  Folk Jam Group; People of Ashby Village: Bill French; From the Neighborhood Groups;  Reflections from Past Events

Aug 2017
Upcoming events: Living Room Chat on Aug 20; New Class "Stretch, Strength & Dance" starts 8/30; Embracing Change on Sept 10; Ashby Village Joins Solano Stroll on Sept 10. Volunteers: Save the Date: Dragonboat on Aug 26; People of Ashby Village: Melissa Beidler; Volunteers for Salesforce. Ashby Village New Resources: Guide to Physical Fitness; Transportation Guide. Service of the Month: Caring Team; Reflections from Past Events; Open House and Photo Exhibit; Joint Potluck and Literary Hour. From the Neighborhood Groups; Ongoing Activities; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory;

July 2017
Upcoming events: Open House and Photo Exhibit on July 8; Living Room Chat; Letter from the ED: An Invitation to Step Up; Volunteers: Great Success of the Festival Italiano: a Celebration of our Volunteers; Upcoming Volunteer Training; Thank you Hearts 'n Hands Team! Save the Date: Dragonboat on 8/26; Reflections from Past Events: An Elegant Affair: May 90+ Tea Party; A Broad Margin to Life: the Recent Arts & Culture Event; Stayin; The Science & Ideas Interest Group; People of Ashby Village: Roger Pritchard; From the Neighborhood Groups; Ongoing Activities; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory;

June 2017             
Volunteer Appreciation: Italian Party on June 3 ; Volunteers for Salesforce;  Upcoming events: Ipad & Iphone Workshop on June 7; Maxine Hong Kingston and others on June 11; Living Room Chat; Embracing Change Series: Inter-generational Dialogue;  Berkeley joins the Network of age-friendly cities;  People of Ashby Village: Gordon Seligson;  From the Neighborhood Groups: North Berkeley;   Ongoing Activities;  Updated Member Handbook Now Available;  New! Ashby Village Tool Closet; Attention members! Service volunteers will connect with you by email; Bulletin Board;  What are we reading; In Loving Memory: Chana Bloch

May 2017             
Upcoming Hearts N' Hands;  Volunteer Appreciation: Italian Party!  90s Tea; Culture of Giving: Betty Webster; People of Ashby Village: Sam Duncan; Embracing Change Series: Inter-generational Dialogue; Healthier Aging: 2nd Anniversary! Arts & Culture Series: Celebrating Creativity with Maxine Hong Kingston and others on June 11; Ipad & Iphone Workshop on June 7; From the Neighborhood Groups: Kaleidoscope; LGBTQQA Group; Key Findings from the 2016 National Village Survey; Ashby Village at Seniors Expos

April 2017             
National Volunteer Month; Volunteer Connect has arrived; Upcoming Hearts N' Hands; Ashby Village New Look; People of Ashby Village; Meet the Welcome Team; Arts & Culture Series: Record Turn Out for A. Hochschild Talk; From the Neighborhood Groups: Emery Bunch; In Loving Memory

March 2017             
How to become an Ashby Village Volunteer; Retirement Transitions Workshop; Upcoming Living Room Chat; What Happens at a Volunteer Orientation; Ongoing Activities; Upcoming Arts & Culture Event; Neighborhood Groups; Healthier Aging; Bulletin Board; In Loving Memory

February 2017 
First National Village Day; Retirement Workshop; Hearts and Minds in Action; The Unhyphenated Family; Arlie Hochschild in Conversation; Scholar Sundays at the JCC East Bay; Reading by Av Member Maxine Hong Kingston.

January 2017
 Ashby Village Starts off 2017 in New Home; Village Movement 15th Annual Celebration; Martin Paley thinks about the Future; AV has a New Community Engagement Manager; Embracing Change in our Lives and Living Places; North Berkeley Neighborhood Group in full Force; Holiday Party Photos.

December 2016
Sneak Peak-What's New in 2017; Ashby Village Culture of Giving; My Life as a Transgender Elder; Retirement Transition Workshop; Embracing Change in Lives and Living Places; Arts and Culture Program Team forming; North Berkeley Neighborhood Groups Launches; Nature Walk reflection.

November 2016
Tari and Bill French: Community Builders; Thanksgiving note from Executive Director; Five Steps to De-clutter; Retirement Transition Workshop; Oktoberfest Volunteer Appreciation; Grey Votes Matter; Villagers rides to Polls; Embracing Change through Proactive Planning; In Loving Memory: Danute Nitecki

October 2016
Become a Decluttering Buddy; Board comings and goings;Letter from Social Care Coordinator, Hilda Hernandez-Gravelle; Threes's Company Spotlight: Margie Pezzaglia, Kristina Holland, Kris Owens; Oktoberfest Volunteer Appreciation; Fire at First Congregational Church; In Loving Memory: Patricia Spaugh

July 2016
Culture of Giving: Member Volunteer Kris Owens; Ninetie's Tea Event; Play-it-Forward Dragon boat volunteer event; Hearts N' Hands strikes again; Looking for AV newsletter co-editor; Healthier Aging Events; In Loving Memory

May 2016
Focus on Five Year; Culture on Giving: Pat Kirkpatrick; Saturday N' Sundaes Volunteer Appreciation; Age-ing to Sage-ing: NEWElectronics volunteer category

March 2016
First Founders Fund; What is that special thing between Betty and Valerie?; Community Potluck & Slide Show; Living Now, Facing Later; Consider Strength Training; On the Move - Get Fit with Friends; Village Hearts & Hands strikes again!

January 2016
Let's Heed the Call!- Andy's New Year Greeting; Success Story: Founders Fund; I Am Not Old(Poem); 2016 Healthier Aging Initiative; "Brawn May Affect Your Brain"; Get Fit With Friends; 2016 California Village Coalition; Photos from Our 2015 Winter Holiday Party

November 2015
What's keeping her so young?; Love in Action- What did Lola do to end Alzheimers?; Sustaining Ashby Village ; Brought to you by the Story Team; Inspiring Leadership; Volunteer Appreciation Waffle Brunch

September 2015
Ashby Village Annual Picnic; Focus on Five; Being Mortal ; Love in Action (Village Hearts N' Hands; Volunteer Appreciation Brunch; Walk to End Alzheimer's); Story Telling: Don Foley and Marion Anderson

July 2015
Journey of a Village: Ashby Village Turns Five; Focus on Five; Founder's Fund; Play-It-Forward DragonMax Volunteer Event; Story Telling: Danute Nitecki and Daniel Sabsay

June 2015
Ashby Village Story Team; Faces of Fatherhood Photo Exhibit; Caught in the Act; Pool Antics; Red Nose Day; Interested in Travel?; National Village Gathering; Emergency Planning; Emergency Notice

May 2015
Ashby Village's Birthday; Subheading; New Volunteer Programs; Big Jobs Need a Team; Things To Do; What We're Reading

April 2015
Learning from the Past and Planning the Future; Pat Sussman Tapped for National Village Board; MED-PALS AVAILABLE; Did You Know? Medicare Factoids; Riding BART - Tips for Seniors

March 2015
Strong Collaborative Relationships:"Scalability and Sustainability"; Stewardship in Action; Celebrate Generosity

February 2015
Ashby Village Goes To China; COMMUNICATING-Ashby Village's Message; Stewardship in Action:Someone Special

January 2015
2015 is the Year of Stewardship; Andra Lichtenstein-New Board President; Board Transitions; Success Story Challenge Campaign Hits Goal; STAFF NEWS

Fall 2014
The Year of Stewardship; Ashby Village Juried Photo Exhibit; Expressions of Gratitude; Collaboration with TTN-Home; Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Burnside; Recognizing the Archstone Foundation; Bay Area Village Exchange; HICAP

Summer 2014
New Horizons; Ashby Village on KPFA 94.1; Volunteers Come Like Fish to Water; Surgery Planning Guide; Transportation Guide; Volunteer Spotlight: Jimmy Baker; Stories We Tell; Ashby Village 2013/2014 Donors

Spring 2014
Volunteer Appreciation Week & Party; Building the Community of Villages in CA; SevenPonds Interviews Ashby Village Executive Director; Ashby Village expands its presence on Facebook; Board/PLT Retreat Highlights; Spotlights, Berkeley Board Fellows: Brandi Howard & Casey Lord

Winter 2013
Letter from Executive Director Andy Gaines; Introducing our NEW Program Teams and Program Leadership Team; Village to Village Network recognizes Outstanding Service and Contribution; FY 2012/2013 Annual Report; New Initiatives Designed to Attract and Engage "Under 70's"; Board Development and Berkeley Board Fellows; Volunteer and Member Spotlights: Shirley Jowell and MaryJo Powell

Fall 2013
Message from Executive Director Andy Gaines; Archstone Continuation Grant Awarded; Ashby Village featured in Liberty Mutual; Information gathering for Under 70 Member Study near completion; Volunteer Spotlight: Sam Foushee; Member Spotlight: Chana Bloch

Summer 2013
Unleash the Power of Age: Pat Sussman Winner; Ashby Village video premiers; Neighborhood group leaders complete Facilitation Training; Gay Pride Month; Ashby Village listens to its Over 80's Members; Member Spotlights: Sondra Jensen & Betsy Hess-Behrens

Spring 2013
Celebrating Volunteers this Month; Ashby Village featured in SF Chronicle & Oakland Magazine; Youngest New Ashby Village Member!; Volunteer Spotlights: Ronnie Boynton, Valerie Yeakel, Will Moore, Mort Davis

Winter 2013
Executive Director Report; National Village Exchange; 2011/2012 Annual Report; Operations & Volunteer Coordinator hired; New Program Manager for AV; Making a Difference Video Project; Ashby Village featured in Japanese Press; Appreciation: Steve Lustig

Fall 2012
Watergate@Ashby Village; "Forever Activists" Donor Appreciation a Success; Coming of Age Production Team Meets; Hands on the Bay Area helps out Ashby Village Members; Villages in the Media; Appreciation: Joan Cole

Summer 2012
UCSF Study of Loneliness in Later Years; Coming of Age Grant awarded to Ashby Village; Membership Engagement & Growth; It Takes a Village Membership Fund Accepting Applications; Appreciation: Deborah Jay Levy

April 2012
The Power Behind the Village Movement; What Drives You to Volunteer at Ashby Village; Upcoming Events: Village Author Series; Appreciation: Sandy Simon

February 2012
Recognizing Service Volunteers; Volunteers Take the Wheel; Faces & Voices of Ashby Village Sevice Volunteers; Ashby Village is outgrowing its office space; Upcoming Nature Walk Events.

January 2012
It really does "Take a Village"; A Fresh New Year; Channel 5 TV News Story; Ashby Village Facebook Page; Upcoming Member Forum: Planning for Sustainability; Appreciation: Nancy Ceridwyn.

December 2011
The Gift of Ashby Village Membership; It Takes a Village Membership Fund; Presenting Village Linkages: Lifelong Medical Care; Article published by Bay Area News Group; Appreciation: Paul Axelrod

October 2011
Seniors get help from Village Support Network, ABC Channel 7 News Story; UC Berkeley News Center Stories; Meeting scheduled to explore linkages with US Berkeley; Fall Membership Drive; Appreciation: Pat Carvalho

September 2011
Ashby Village awarded $100,000 Grant; Operations Coordinator hired; Last Call for Group Discount Registration; Appreciation: BarbiJo Stim.

August 2011
Strategic planning processes announced; Volunteers Lula Greene and Joanne Backman recognized; Ted Roszak Memorial Fund established.

July 2011
In this Anniversary Issue there are interviews with Ashby Village founders reflecting upon the beginnings of our Village; hiring Operations Coordinator; partnerships being discussed; beginning a year-long Strategic Planning Process; Upcoming Events include Ashby Village's First Picnic.

June 2011
It Takes a Village, comments by Marlene Bagdikian and Marcia Freedman on Ashby Village's first year progress as part of the Villages movement; Still Time to Renew Your Membership; the MedPal program holds its first advanced training; Upcoming Events include 'Nutrition for the Wise Years' June 29 and the July Living Room Chat; the Village is seeking to fill two part-time volunteer positions;

May 2011
Safety Tips for an Elmwood Home; A series of village events including Susi Stadler's presentation, Potluck & Poetry, and Living Room Chats; Volunteer Orientation and Training on the way; Roberta Pressman highlighted for appreciation.

April 2011
Discussion of Home and Personal Safety programs; Announcement of new Board Members; AARP article about Villages: "The Real Social Network". Volunteer Mark Goldman highlighted for appreciation.

March 2011
Announcement of new website; Membership installment option now available; Gail Sheehy Keeps Focus on Ashby Village - presentation at OLLI. Volunteers Joann Sullivan and Judy Boe highlighted for appreciation.

February 2011
Volunteers meet to chart the history of Ashby Village and the national movement; Social Services Committee offers free consulting service to members. ìWhat do you talk about when you discuss Ashby Village?î Volunteer Betty Webster highlighted for appreciation.

January 2011
Member survey completed. New columns added to Newletter to connect members. Member Services committee met. Executive Director participates in Philadephia national Village gathering.

December 2010
Holiday Party. Tea and Chat announced. Executive Director discusses funding challenges for expansion. Launch Discount still available. Volunteers Irene Marcos and Raymond Lozano highlighted for appreciation.

November 2010
Executive Director Andy Gaines to attend Village to Village Network national meeting in Philadelphia; Membership committee will make welcoming phone calls. Volunteers Daniel Sabsay and Charlotte Herzfeld highlighted for appreciation.

October 2010
Vetted and trained volunteers available to meet membersí requests. Interim Executive Director hands ìbatonî to new Director Andy Gaines. Second volunteer training completed.

September 2010
Andrew Gaines appointed as new director. Volunteer Orientation and Training scheduled. House Party Schedule announced.

August 2010
Inaugural Community Meeting well attended. New Executive Director Andrew Gaines formally announced.

July 2010
First members meeting held. Full-time Executive Director position filled. Members meet for lunch at Cafe Leila. Upcoming House Parties announced.

June 2010
Ashby Village to be launched in July. Ashby Village mentioned in scholarly journal; Volunteers called for. Committees working hard to prepare for launch.

February 2010
Members and donors welcomed. First Ashby Village social gathering announced; Sunday speaker series to be launched in March.

January 2010
Administration on Aging grant now received. Neighbors encouraged to attend Living Room Chats.

October 2009
Suggestions requested for vetted providers. Ashby Village stories in two local newpapers.

August 2009
Ashby Village meetings scheduled for September. photographs for brochure requested.