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support an innovative model of aging

Your generosity transforms lives and makes it possible for older adults to age with vibrancy and purpose in the places they call home, connected to an inspiring and caring community. 

Our more than 700 members and volunteers give over 20,000 hours of talent and passion every year to Ashby Village members, providing essential services, social connection, and enriching opportunities to learn. Reciprocity is the foundation of our village.

Ashby Village membership dues cover less than half of revenues needed to operate the village. The balance of financial support is provided by individual donors and foundations who believe in and support our mission. 

With the generous gifts from our supporters, we work harder AND smarter to do more to meet the evolving needs of our members – expanding access to basic necessities and human connection.

Your financial donation means that Ashby Village can deepen its impact and reach more older adults who rely on mutual support to thrive.

Together we are transforming how we age.

Ways to Make a Donation to Ashby Village

Quick, easy, secure! Pay by Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or use PayPal or Venmo!

Make a qualified charitable distribution or satisfy your IRA required minimum distribution
with a gift to Ashby Village. Learn how!
Direct a Tax-Saving Gift From Your IRA

Or simply mail us a check!
Mail your check payable to "Ashby Village" to 1821 Catalina Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

Make a lasting impact and join the Ashby Village Legacy Circle by making a legacy gift. 
Learn How to Make a Legacy Gift

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization (EIN: 27-2174330), individual donations may be tax deductible depending on the source of your gift. Ashby Village does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax and legal advisors to ensure that you follow all applicable rules and choose the most favorable option for you.

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Photo by Nancy Rubin