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Ashby Village serves residents of Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito, Emeryville and parts of Oakland and Richmond.

Red lines show the outline of the Ashby Village service area, and the rough boundaries of its neighborhood groups – established to nurture connection and engagement of local neighbors.  Click within the red borders to learn the neighborhood names.


Do you live outside our service area?

No problem! Ashby Village has members who live several blocks away from our borders.   All members, including the ones who reside outside of our service area have equal access to all our programs, (events, classes, referrals, etc.).  
The only difference is that services performed by volunteers may be more difficult to secure the farther out from our service area that you live.  There is no 100% guarantee for volunteer service for any member and Ashby Village will try its best to respond to all requests, for members living both inside and outside our service area!  Our Village continues to grow and, with the initiative of members and volunteers like you we’re gradually increasing the reach of our service area.

Looking for a village outside our area?
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Click within the red borders to learn the neighborhood names.