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Ashby Village Team Directory

If you are interested in joining or learning more about any of the teams below
please contact the dedicated staff person, unless a team lead's email is noted.

Operations Director - Pat Carvalho (

  • Volunteer Team This team is responsible for policy-making, facilitating quarterly volunteer orientation and trainings, volunteer vetting, recruiting, placement, Hearts N' Hands, planning annual volunteer appreciations events and preferred provider vetting. 
  • Office Corps Office Corps volunteers offer assistance in the office that can include answering phones, dealing with requests for information and service from our members, interviewing or calling members and other volunteers, filing, envelope stuffing, collating, data entry and website maintenance. 
  • Welcome and Orientation Team Volunteers who acquaint new members with the services, volunteer opportunities and activities we offer, and how to access them.
  • Declutter Team Specially trained Village “decluttering” volunteers can help members organize, sort and reduce larger projects in the member’s home or garage.  The result is greater peace of mind, and a safer and more enjoyable environment.   Support from these volunteers may go beyond a one-time organizing service however they do not provide any moving assistance, emergency or time sensitive support, or projects that may require heavy lifting.
  • Home Safety and Assessment Team The purpose of each home assessment is to review and note areas where accidents are likely to occur, check for physical hazards, review elements of fire safety, encourage safety awareness and practice, and offer suggestions for improving the safety and usability of  the such areas of the home, such as the entry, hallways/stairs, bath, kitchen and bedroom.
  • Technology Team We connect our members with each other, and we provide resources which may include researching platforms for smartphone applications, senior-friendly group communication systems or platforms, (online and phone), donor data management tools. Team Lead: Maryl Gearhart
  • Member Engagement Team The Member Engagement Team (MET) ensures that Ashby Village members, especially newer members (less than one year), are connected to the village – for both services and activities/programs, with staff, with other members, and with volunteers.
  • Exit Team The Member Exit Interview Team (MEIT) reaches out to Members shortly after they decide to not renew their membership.
  • Provider Vetting Team This team accepts applications from professional providers referred by our members. These providers are interviewed, and their references and applicable licenses are checked.  The team support healthier, more independent aging-in-place by providing access to trusted professionals for products and services that make living at home safer and easier.


Program and Member Support Manager

  • Healthier Aging Initiative The Healthier Aging Initiative aims to  promote the health and wellbeing of our members  by encouraging us to stay physically active and socially engaged.  Meet your Ashby Village buddies at anyone of our numerous and fun classes ( yoga, tai chi, strength training, etc.) or join us on a hike in one of the East Bay Hills. Learn more about wellness and nutrition at one of our “Embracing Change” presentations.  We want to help you “keep on the move” to stay healthy and strong, prevent falls and contribute to your ability to live independently as long as possible. Team Lead: Roberta Pressman (
  • Social Care Team (SCT) SCT mutually defines, with our member during a home visit, what the problem is and offer consultation about possible solutions, services in and out of the Village. These visits are limited to three visits whenever possible. This team, comprised of retired or semi-retired volunteers, provides evaluation and short-term support for members facing health and wellness challenges, family and personal crises, and other age-related issues. Following consultation, if warranted, members are also helped with resource lists (e.g. food delivery and transportation services) as well as referrals to appropriate services outside the Village, including home-care providers and housing transition planning. Team Leads: Flora Lewis and Julianne Morris
  • Connections Team Connections Volunteers provide regular friendly visits to members who, for various reasons have become more socially isolated. Enjoy tea and talk, take a walk, watch a movie or play a game. These are just a few of the ways our team members get to meet and interact with our dynamic and interesting village members. So rewarding that volunteers often receive more than they give. Volunteers connect for a few weeks, a few months or on an ongoing basis. Connections visits are tailored to the individual needs of both the member and the volunteer. Team Lead: Ellen Newman
  • Caring Team Conducts friendly neighborly outreach to members experiencing upcoming surgery, illness or grieving a loss of a family member.
  • Embracing Change Series A set of programs focused on a wide range on issues of aging that uses expert panels, discussion groups and facilitated talks.
  • Neighborhood Groups Neighborhood Groups seek to enhance the sense of community at Ashby Village by making it possible for members to get to know other members in small group settings. The Ashby Village Neighborhood Groups sponsor a wide variety of events, including happy hour get-togethers, pot luck lunches and dinners, lunches at neighborhood restaurants, walks, teas, puzzle groups, knitting groups, IT groups, theater readings, etc.
  • Events Team The events team plans and coordinates monthly (first Friday of every month) pre-social hour and social hour events, as well as supporting numerous additional Ashby Village events such as the annual picnic, holiday party, lectures, and parties.  Team Lead: Sigrid Duesberg


Project Coordinator - Su-Yin Bickner (

  • Outreach Ambassador Team This team represents Ashby Village at events such as the Solano Stroll, on various panels, and as guest speakers when invited to participate in events produced by other organizations. Outreach Ambassadors assist with planning Living Room Chat and Open House events, including assembling packets, organizing outreach, making phone calls, data entry, and taking minutes at monthly meetings. Team Lead: Joan Straumanis (

Reminder: please contact the dedicated staff person, unless a team lead's email is noted.