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Special series

arts & culture series

Each year our Arts and Cultures series offers three events, with speakers drawn from our unique wealth of talented members and volunteers. These featured speakers are often nationally recognized poets, writers, artists, and academics.


4/29/2018 - A conversation with Terry Kupers on Supermax Solitary Confinement (read story)

3/25/2018 - Russ Ellis, Troy Duster and Thelton Henderson, In Conversation with Adam Hochschild (read story)

1/21/2018 - Sandra Butler and Nan Fink Gefen in conversation about their new book  "It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters" (read story)


- 11/17/2017 - The Art of Listening:  A Conversation with Jeanne Bamberger (read story)
- 10/15/2017 - Understanding North Korea:  A Conversation with Philip Yun
- 6/11/2017 - 55 Years of Art and Friendship: Maxine Hong Kingston, Earll Kingston & Judith Foosaner (read story)
- 3/12/2017 - UC Berkeley sociologist Arlie Hochschild on the rise of the American Right (read the story and watch the video of the talk)

- 9/18/2016 - Poet Chana Bloch's Dying for Dummies (read story)

embracing change SERIES

In this series we offer expert panels, discussion groups, facilitated talks addressing members' interests, concerns as well as challenges of aging. Some of the topics include:  staying in place or considering alternative housing arrangements; managing and living with uncertainty; and fostering intergenerational dialogue. Please let us know of topics you want to hear about.


3/8/2018: Sustaining Quality of Life During Serious Illness, with Dr Pantilat  (read the story and watch the video of the panel)


- 9/12/2017: Taking Charge and Letting Go  (read the story and watch the video of the panel)
- 5/9/2017: Inter-generational Dialogue with Ada Burko (read story) - 12/6/2016: Embracing Change through Proactive Planning (read story)


- 11/16/2017 - Technology and voice interaction (read story)
- 6/7/2017 - iPhone and iPad workshop with Sharon Beck (read story)

other special events

7/19/2018 - Next Steps After Ashby Village (read story)
2/15/2018 - 
Anne Colby (Stanford University) on well-being and life purpose among women and men over the age of 50' (read story)


- 5/30/2017- Literary Story Time with the Berkeley Public Library: "A Tree, A Rock, A Cloudby Carson McCullers' (read story)
- 9/25/2017: Dr. Atul Gawande live-streamed talk  (read story)


Arlie Hochschild - photo by Nancy Rubin

Atul Gawande live-streamed talk for the Village Movement