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enjoy the internet!

by Ashby Village Technology Team


[Warning: Youtube sites may require you to sit through a brief advertisement.]




For a little armchair travel, click here for the National Geographic photo of the day or month and some beautiful images.


Explore a remote cultural group in Papua New Guinea. Click here for background on the body-part counting system, and click here for videos and here for photos.




Martin Hart's  American Widescreen Museum  is a great site for film lovers. It provides histories and technical info on the widescreen formats of the 50s and 60s, early color systems, and the talkie revolution. But what makes it special is Hart's tongue-in-cheek and mildly risqué humor. Hart decorates his pages with small photos of usherettes and throws in strange statements like "Guests of The American WideScreen Museum stay at the luxurious Sheraton-Town House in Los Angeles.”


If you're interested in independent, international, classic and documentary films, you may want to sign up for Kanopy, the Berkeley Library's newest on-demand video streaming service. Click here for information. Available films Include The Criterion Collection, Great Courses, and PBS, as well as thousands of films by independent filmmakers.




Webcams provide live coverage of nesting sites and animal colonies. Note that, at some sites, video streaming begins immediately, but, at other sites, you need to click the arrow in the video window. 

You can find webcams of almost anything by googling "webcam X" where "X" could be "birds" or "seals" or "eagles nest.”




Meet Ripley, an amazing rescue dog who solves every puzzle his owner can devise! Ripley’s Youtube channel is here.


Want to meet more dogs?  Click here for a wonderful collection of articles and videos.


Love cats?  Just Google “funny cat videos”! Here’s one site to get you started.


And how about pet birds? Here’s the original video of Snowball the cockatoo dancing to “Another One Bites the Dust.” This video launched new research on the capacity of animals to keep a beat!

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