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HomeTech Tips: Find Your Lost Android Phone!
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Lost Your Android phone? Here's how to find it!

by Lincoln Spector, Ashby Village Technology Volunteer

Have you lost your Android phone? Try these steps to locate it.

1. Call your phone. Use your landline or someone else's phone to call yours. If your phone is nearby, you’ll hear your ringtone if the phone is turned on and not muted.

If that doesn’t work…

2. Use Google Find My Device. Open a computer's browser to (You may have to log in your Google account.) You will find a list of all Android devices you have owned. Click on your current phone, and you will see a map showing the location of your phone. Zoom in for a closer look.

If you don't recognize the location, call the police!

If you recognize the location, call someone at that location, and ask them to listen for your phone. Clicking Play Sound makes your phone ring loudly for 5 minutes even if the phone is muted. The sound will help someone locate your phone.

3. Use Google Find My Device to secure your phone. If you cannot locate your phone using Steps 1 or 2, open a computer's browser to as described in Step 2. Choose one of these options:

Secure Device: This locks the phone and signs you out, making things difficult for a thief. You can add a recovery message with a friend's phone number (e.g., “I lost this phone! Please call 510-555-5555 to tell my friend where the phone is. Thanks!”)

Erase Device: This option wipes everything off the phone, so that none of your information can be stolen.

Let us assist you!


Ashby Village technology volunteers are available to help you! To request assistance, contact the office at or (510) 204-9200.